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Self-contained Carbon Monoxide Detector
Self-contained Carbon Monoxide Detector
Self-contained Carbon Monoxide Detector
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Main Feature:

* Various kinds of functions LCD display provides you a firsthand look at state of the detector at all times

* Test/Hush button allows you a silence alarm, test and reset alarm

* LCD display of CO concentration and time for the latest

alarm is easy for user to learn how much and when the CO

producted. It's helpful for user to avert potential danger in time

* End of life signal reminds users when their detector needs replacement

* Instant CO concentration LCD display, keep away from CO danger

* Low power consumption, environmental protection and energy saving

* Cell capacity LCD display allows you to know battery capacity at any time

* Automatic self-test with audible, LCD and visual indication if there is a fault

* Cannot be installed with battery missing

* Easy battery replacement, AA battery easy to purchase

* Lond 85decibe alarm

* Easy installation

* 5 year limited warranty on alarm